[&lt; All Assignments](../../index.html) # Final: Tutorial Site ## Summary Create a website design based around a tutorial of your choice. The site should instruct visitors on how to do something from start to finish, and why they'd want to do it. You will create the content, visual look and code the site pages in HTML and CSS. #### Site content: - Written step-by-step process or tips (at least 5) - Photos/illustrations/videos of process - Materials you need - Description or example of completed work - Explanation of why you would do this tutorial (or who is this good for?) - Tips or descriptions of what is good or bad craft for the process #### Inspiration - [How to pick fonts for tight Tracking](http://www.typography.com/blog/fonts-for-tight-tracking) - [4 Effective Strategies to organize Evernote](https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/02/08/4-effective-strategies-to-organize-evernote/) - [Chicken Pot Pie](http://www.designsponge.com/2016/02/in-the-kitchen-with-jeff-shields-chicken-pot-pie.html) - [Best Breakfasts in the World](http://www.jetsetter.com/feature/best-breakfasts-around-the-globe?nm=linkbin&cl=6) ## Turning in - Create a final zip containing screenshots and code - Upload to cloud 9 into the `final` folder. - Add a link to your home page. - Check the normal link to your coded site <img src="final-zip.png"> ## Requirement Checklist: - **Content** – is the point of the site clear to visitors? - is the photography, descriptions, illustrations good quality? - spelling? - **Branding** – is there unique design elements that establish a style to the site? - do the design elements suit the subject? - is the branding consistent throughout the site? - are the design elements used throughout site? - **Navigation** – is navigation intuitive? - links present in right places? - **Hierarchy** of content – are elements emphasized/deemphasized to direct the visitor's focus? - is the typography legible? - Are items grouped in sensible sections? - **Technical** - Images are of reasonable size, quality and file type - external stylesheet is used - html validates - Site layout works on different browsers - Upload the site to the `final` folder `https://{username}.github.io/web1/final`